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About Pour Garden

Hosting Celebrations with Success!

Forget about using that go-to cooler full of water and ice. It's time to bring Pour Garden to that perfect event.  A cold beer off the tap brings a crisp mouthful of delight. Pour Garden mobile beer trailers and bars allows our clients to be the center of attention by converting your space into an entertainment center. Connect with friends and family with style. Host the event that everyone will talk about!

What We Offer

We are happy to offer our clients a selection of mobile beer systems and bar services. 
Pour Garden offers a self-contained mobile beer trailer with a state of the art cooling system that holds up to 16 half barrels at 38 degrees.
Pour Garden offers a beautiful selection of mobile beer bars with a beer tap cooling system!  Exterior finishes on the mobile bars are either shiplap or barnboard. 
Options for full bar service are available upon request.


Cold Beer right off the TAP! 


Pour Garden is the ideal serving choice for any event. Call today for package options and details: 1-508-789-0970


Mobile Beer Rental

Thank You for your inquiry! Our team will contact you within 24 hours!

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